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Grand tour: Chapter 1: Paris :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 0 10
(IMPORTANT) Rules for using my characters
I've decided to write some rules for using my characters should anyone want to draw/ship/write with them.
Please keep them as accurate to their bios, personality and appearance as much as you possibly can, This has been an issue in the past between me and some people as I'm a bit of a perfectionist ^^;Please DO NOT try and use any of the characters for yaoi/yuri(Same sex shipping), inflation or any other fetishes, I have nothing against them I just don't want my work associated with those subjects.
You may use your own characters(Gay, Bisexual, Straight or whatever) during the roleplay or art if you wish.
If you want to crackship one of my characters with one of yours please ask first, the same applies to stories and comics.Sexual/gorey content is fine as long as none of the characters are killed or raped.
If you want to change features of any character for your own series, consult me first and I'll give approv
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 0 1
FC fact files: Profiterole the Squirrel
Full Name: Denzel "Profiterole" Rhodes.
Approximate age: 6 years (at the time of writing)
Approximate height: 109.5CM (at the time of writing)
Date of birth: May 29th, 2003
Birthplace: Unknown part of Jamaica.
Nationality: Jamaican-Mobian.
Current residence: Jake's treehouse/workshop in the southern central mobius island forest.
Physical description: Chocolate colored fur with cream tipped tail and muzzle, blue eyes and blackish brown afro style hair on head, large curved eyebrows and pointed ears. (Though smaller than his brother)
Species: Squirrel.
Preferred attire: Hawaiian red colored T shirt with yellow hibiscus flower pattern on it, Tropical blue shorts and black leather belt with gold palm tree shaped buckle. Also wears purple sandals
Hobbies: Reading, Exploring, Playing hide and seek and tag, Board & Video games, Drawing, Playing his steel drums and xylophone.
Parents: Unknown, he ran away from home with Jake due to
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 1 6
FC fact files: Tillie the Dragon
Full Name: Tillie Ólína Scheving
Approximate age: 8 years (Current timeline) 18 years (Mobius: Ten years later)
Approximate height: 112.8 CM (at the time of writing)
Date of birth: May 21th 2026.
Birthplace: Hafnarfjörður, Iceland.
Nationality: Icelandic (Father's side) Finnish-American (Mother's side)
Current residence: Station Square, Mobius CBD.
Physical description: Crystal blue skin and scales, Blue eyes, large hands with 6 fingers and claws each, also has sharp teeth tucked away in her mouth. She also sports two medium sized wings on her back near her shoulders which allow her to hover.
Her hairstyle consists of 3 bangs that droop down forwards and downwards and curled hair that curves towards the back of her head.
Unlike other dragons she has ears similar in shape to that of a fox or cat but more reptilian in appearance.
Her tail also is long and spiked in appearance.
Species: Ice dragon.
Preferred attire: Sapphir
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 2 3
'And we are rolling, Scandinavian 686' by Mobian-Storyteller 'And we are rolling, Scandinavian 686' :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 2 0 Alaskan climb by Mobian-Storyteller Alaskan climb :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 3 0 'WHAT DID YOU DO?!' by Mobian-Storyteller 'WHAT DID YOU DO?!' :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 17 9 Green and small by Mobian-Storyteller Green and small :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 18 0
Character profiles: Sonic T Hedgehog(My timeline)
Full Name: Sonic T(stands for "The") Hedgehog
Approximate age: 20 years(at the time of writing)
Approximate height: the time of writing)
Date of birth: June 23rd. Year unknown.
Birthplace: Christmas Island.
Nationality: Mobian.
Current residence: A small shack on the eastern beach, South Island, Commonwealth islands of Mobius.
Physical description: Blue body fur, White chest fur, Green eyes, He also has six head quills on his head, two spines protruding from his back and a short tail.
Species: Mobian Hedgehog.
Preferred attire: Brown leather jacket with gold colored T shirt underneath, Black jeans, Red sneakers with white toes, White socks and yellow gloves with his name printed on the backs of them.
Hobbies: Adventures, Break dancing, Racing, Hanging out with his friends, Trolling his foes.
Parents: Unknown.
Friends: Tails the Fox(Post "Closure"-Present) Knuckles, Amy Rose, Marine, Mighty, Jared, Cream, Anna, Martin, Lachlan, N
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 1 6
Miracle landing to the MAX
NOTE This story is inspired by the real life events of US Airways flight 1549, Air Canada flight 143 and Cathay Pacific flight 780.
March 17, 2047, Roland Garros International airport, Reunion island.
Mobian Airlines flight 5194 prepares to leave for Station Square international airport.
The cockpit crew today is Captain Jared Prower with the Co pilot being his long time friend Lachlan de Crespigny.
The Aircraft is a near brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8 series, the aircraft was only just wet leased to the airline two weeks ago by the Canadian airline WestJet.
For this flight they are ferrying it back to the company's home base after a day of domestic flights.
Jared: Roland tower Genesis fifty one ninety four requesting taxi clearance.
Tower controller: Genesis 5194 cleared for taxi, taxi to runway 32 and hold following Boeing 787.
Jared: Genesis 5194 roger cleared for taxi. "Turns to Lachlan" She's all yours Lach.
For this ferry flight Co Pilot De Crespigny will be flying the 737 bac
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 1 2
BR service by Mobian-Storyteller BR service :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 23 6
War hero Chapter 1: Shotdown
January 18th, 2017, 1:15 PM Reginald Prower's shack.
Having attended the 20th birthdays of his two grandchildren Jared and Anna, Reginald Prower sat down on his outside rocking chair basking in the afternoon sun.
"Oh it's good to have some peace an' quiet around 'ere for once..." He sighed contently.
He was just about to doze off when he heard two voices laughing of which knew well and soon he heard them getting louder and saw that it was Jared with his little brother Niki playing tag.
"Oi! Keep the ruddy noise down! I was just about to have a nice nap before you two purple monkeys showed up!" He snarled.
The two young foxes looked up and exchanged looks before Jared finally spoke.
"Well sorry Grand pop that we disturbed you but Niki has got to have his fun while growing up sometime." He replied calmly.
"Fun? Boy if he's going to have fun as a child he has to be careful too, back in my RMAF days we had barely any time because of the World wars!" Reg replied back.
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 1 0
Scotish milk run by Mobian-Storyteller Scotish milk run :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 21 1 Not her best day by Mobian-Storyteller
Mature content
Not her best day :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 5 1
Wardrobe malfunction? by Mobian-Storyteller
Mature content
Wardrobe malfunction? :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 6 3


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I wish to save up for commissions for myself and other people, even if its only a small amount it'll help ^^

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Why hello there! The name's Jaxon.

I first joined this site because of the Thomas the Tank Engine fanbase but now i'm a writer in the Sonic Fanbase with many beloved FCs of my own.

I'm friendly to those who treat me with respect, Though i like meeting new people :)

If you want to add me on skype my name is jaredthecontroversialfox ^^

I was born with high functioning autism and (possibly) ADHD so be aware.

:iconx-nightwatcher-x::iconmobian-storyteller: Together since December 27th 2013 :heart:

My various friends, allies and other people i've gotten to know over the years.
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My 3DS friend code is: 2294-8323-7235 Tell me yours before you add me.

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My fav Characters and interests.

Credit goes to Super Hedgehog for the Buttons.

How well do you know me? (meme)

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 17, 2017, 9:22 PM
  • Eating: Apples

I've seen other people do this so how 'bout some fun this time huh? :P
Simply fill out the questions with your answer to each question in the comments below.

Favorite movie(s):
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Favorite actors/comedians:

And that's it, comment away!

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Wondering why I'm not on skype? Its because of this bullshit AGAIN:…
Now that's something you don't see everyday.
There's no hope for the Thomas fandom, the arguing over a fucking wooden CHILDREN'S toy has escalated unneededly and I'm seriously thinking of quitting said fandom.


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That's all i will ask of you.
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Yeah I know the story, It happened while i was out of commission for nearly a month
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