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Take off to certain peril by Mobian-Storyteller Take off to certain peril :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 0 0
FC fact files: Igor the Skunk
Full Name: Igor Ivanuš Tasić.
Approximate age: 10 years old (at the time of writing)
Approximate height: 115.0CM (at the time of writing)
Date of birth: February 6th 2008.
Birthplace: Belgrade, Serbia.
Ethnicity: Serbian.
Current residence: Titovnin's compound, East angel island.
Species: Skunk.
Physical description: Black body fur, dark green stripe going up from his lower back to the tip of his tail, Pink chest fur, Teal eyes, Hair is puffy and sits between his ears.
Preferred attire: Flag of Serbia (without the crest) coloured woolly sweater with a dark green coloured weathered undershirt, Indigo jeans with broken zipper but intact button, also wears black boots and spiked cuffed on his wrists as well as clear circle framed glasses.
Adopted parent: Titovnin the Skunk. His real parents are not known
Sexual orientation: Straight.
Enemies: Jared Prower, Rudolf the Fox 
Personality: Somewhat shy and semi reclusive,
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 3 23
Egyptian Sunrise by Mobian-Storyteller Egyptian Sunrise :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 2 2 Snowbound by Mobian-Storyteller Snowbound :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 1 5 What if #2 by Mobian-Storyteller What if #2 :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 2 1 What if #1 by Mobian-Storyteller What if #1 :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 2 3 Heading home. by Mobian-Storyteller Heading home. :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 6 1 'I take gaming seriously' by Mobian-Storyteller 'I take gaming seriously' :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 8 8 Rough ride over the Rocky Mountains by Mobian-Storyteller Rough ride over the Rocky Mountains :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 4 1 Liftoff by Mobian-Storyteller Liftoff :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 5 1
FC Fact files: Cecil the Panther
Full Name: Cecil Zyl de Crespigny.
Approximate age: 23 years (at the time of writing)
Approximate height: 168.9CM
Date of birth: December 17th 1994.
Birthplace: Auckland, New Zealand.
Nationality: New Zealander(Father's side) South African(Mother's side)
Current residence: Hydrocity, Western Island, Mobius.
Physical description: Black/Navy blue fur with Emerald green eyes, neatly combed white hair and white tipped tail. His chest fur is also puffy and sticks out of his shirt neatly.
Species: Panther.
Preferred attire: Very dark grey tuxedo suit and pants with a blue bow tie on the collar with yellow and black tap dancer shoes.
Occupations: Television broadcaster/presenter/journalist.
Hobbies: Working, Hanging out with workmates, spending time with family, Drinking, golf.
Parents: Susan de Crespigny (Mother) Moe de Crespigny (Father, deceased)
Siblings: Lachlan de Crespigny, Sapphire de Crespigny.
Friends: Jared Prower, Anna Prower, Babs Pro
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 2 1
Clipper Key West by Mobian-Storyteller Clipper Key West :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 4 1 Snowy start to the morning by Mobian-Storyteller Snowy start to the morning :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 3 1
FC Fact files: Victor the Blue Ringed Octopus
Full Name: Victor Vette.
Approximate age: 23 years. (At the time of writing)
Approximate height: Unknown, Though he appears to be shorter than most normal mobians about only just taller than Tails.
Date of birth: November 20th 1994.
Birthplace: Pacific Ocean, 300 kilometres off the coast of New Caledonia. 
Nationality: New Zealander.
Current residence: Top secret...
Physical description:Yellow skin with black rings that have blue rings inside the centre, large round head shape with his eyes positioned slightly on the side of his head, Stands on 2 of his tentacles as legs and uses the other 6 as arms which are. Also wears a water tank on his back which has two tubes connected to a circulator in the middle of his chest.
He does not have a normal mouth but instead has a beak shaped one and his 6 arms retain the suction cups while forming finger less hands and still allowing him to pick up and carry things.
Species: Blue ringed Octopus.
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 1 3
Someones been working out. (Alt version) by Mobian-Storyteller
Mature content
Someones been working out. (Alt version) :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 4 1
Someones been working out. by Mobian-Storyteller
Mature content
Someones been working out. :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 5 1


Mobian-Storyteller has started a donation pool!
565 / 1,500
I wish to save up for commissions for myself and other people, even if its only a small amount it'll help ^^

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Feb 17, 2018
9:06 am
Feb 17, 2018
4:22 am
Feb 16, 2018
9:09 pm
Feb 16, 2018
8:37 pm
Feb 16, 2018
5:34 pm


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Why hello there! The name's Jaxon.

I first joined this site because of the Thomas the Tank Engine fanbase but now that I've left that horrible fandom I'm a writer in the Sonic Fanbase with many beloved FCs of my own.

I'm friendly to those who treat me with respect, Though i like meeting new people :)

If you want to add me on skype my name is jaredthecontroversialfox ^^

I was born with high functioning autism and (possibly) ADHD so be aware.

My various friends, allies and other people i've gotten to know over the years.
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Skype: jaredthecontroversialfox
Discord: Mobian-Storyteller (Jaxon) #0924
Discord server:

Some stamps
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Just some friendly advertisting for a few artists/pals that have their stuff open ^^

First up is WhiteBlade-the-Zero go check him out here:  Point Commissions - Round 7 [All 5 Slots Full]---
Here it comes, folks.  Round 7 of Point Commissions are up! As usual, PLEASE READ THE RULES.  Prices and options have changed again.
:star: The Rules :star:
:pointr: (1) - Please comment what you want and WAIT FOR MY RESPONSE! If you get an "okay" from me, THEN you donate!  When I receive the points, I'll add you to the waiting list below.
:pointr: (2) - You can ask for ANYTHING you'd like, be it normal, violent, romantic, pervy; anything as long as it's PG-13 or below. Also, it can be of any character desired, be it my FCs, your FCs, other people's FCs, or even canon characters! However, if you want me to draw any FCs, I WILL need a visual reference sheet of your character(s) so I can draw them correctly (or as close as possible). No reference sheet, no work. Also, please be specific on what you'd like, but please don't make it too overly complicated. I admit that I'm good, but I'm not perfect. ^^;
:pointr: (3) - I will not hold spots for people who want a commi

Next is Zboys with his prices and conditions here:  Sonic/Human commissions/adopts 2018 REOPENEDADDED A NEW COOMMMMM :LINELESS

pay first plz 
will draw Sonic and humans (personal style)
can also make a sonic ot human commission if wanted too! prices are the same no matter wat just pick and say if u want a sonic or human
NO porn, NSFW, gore, vore all that kinda stuff please
light violence is questionable as well as certain 18+ but don,t get your hopes too high kids sorry about that
if u want more characters in one image it will change on added price depending on your options, no more than between 5 to 10 please
first com first serve for now don,t worry ill reopen soon depending on whats bought 
if you want something specific PLEASE tell me like if you want dynamic posing it doesn't cost you extra at the moment this also goes with the final comm you can ask for
Custom adopts: 150-400 points maybe more? I don't know up to ideas u give. (varying on design)
get as

I dunno if they're still open but Roxas-The-Cat is also doing commissions here:  Commission pricesRules
1. I'll only draw Sonic, MLP, Pokémon, and my style of anthro.
2. It can be mature, but no fetishes or gore.
3. Please pay me after the commission is done.
Sketch - 2 points
Colored - 5 points
Comes with the character's name at the bottom. (Extra character +1 point)
Half body
Sketch - 8 points
Colored - 10 points
(Extra character +2 points)
Full body
Sketch - 15 points
Colored - 20 points
(Extra character +3 points)
Mature (18+)
Sketch - 18 points
Colored - 25 points
(Extra character +4 points)
Before asking for a colored commission, please ask me if I have colored pencils, because I don't want people to wait until I actually have colored pencils.
Thank you for all the support! ^^

Others will be put up here soon :)


Happy Valentines day to those of you who celebrate it.
So Easter this year will be the same day as April fools...wonder how that's gonna turn out.
Wow not even a computer restart fixed the problem yet :/
FFS discord randomly decided to not work properly in the middle of a chat.

Which of these previous stories would you like to see be rewritten as I'm feeling nostalgic? 

2 deviants said Exploiting limits
2 deviants said Anything I wrote from 2012/2013 (Because I'll be honest I don't really like my very first works :XD: )
No deviants said Abandoned


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