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The Dallas Dreamliner by Mobian-Storyteller The Dallas Dreamliner :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 2 1
FC Fact files: Amos the Hybrid
Full Name: Amos Chaves Da Silva.
Approximate age: 8 years (Future timeline) 18 years (Mobius 10 years later)
Approximate height: 185.5CM.
Date of birth: September 25th 2026.
Birthplace: Northwestern Mobius islands.
Nationality: Brazilian (Father's side) Qatari (Mother's side)
Current residence: Top secret...
Physical description: Chocolate brown fur with dark green fox tail ending in a shark's tail tip, Maroon eyes, Black puffy hair on head with short fox ears, Has a shark snout but a red fox nose, He has a small dorsal fin on his back and 2 small gill like openings on his neck.
Due to birth defects he has a fixed grin or scowl which causes him to almost constantly bare his teeth which are a combination of shark and Fox's teeth, his hands and legs also do not have fur but are instead smooth like shark's skin.
He also has a megalodon head tattooed on his upper left arm with "CHOMP!" titled in Spanish below.
Preferred attire: Grey sleevel
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 3 8
Negaraku night by Mobian-Storyteller Negaraku night :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 1 5
Mobius 10 years later: Things in the night
"I recall one autumn of unusual happenings here: It scared the group for a long while, and even arrogant Magnum changed his attitude for a short while!" Jared Prower~
1:22 AM, April 23rd.
  It was after midnight on the central island.  A low fog had rolled in, obscuring most streets and lights.
Oreo was traveling home after escorting a young couple safely home and other jobs.
The wind howled in the trees, and fog horns from ships in the nearby docks blared.
Oreo continued walking along the street. "Seems a wee bit spooky 'ere.." He thought to himself.  With every step, his nervousness grew, as the trees and cars seemed to take on ghostly shapes. Rounding the second to last street corner before home, he saw what appeared to be a white female mobian, but he couldn't make out much more than that.  His voice shoke slightly as he spoke. "Uh, hullo thare lassy, do ye need an escort hame?" 
    The figure tu
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 2 3
Swan Song
August 6, 2017, Northeastern Mobian island base.
Sonic and Tails were both engaged in an intense battle with Dr Eggman and some robots.
"You can't possibly defeat me this time Sonic!" Laughed the doctor.
Sonic was adamant. "Don't get your hopes up, Egghead. We always beat you in the end!"
Tails then came on the radio. "Overhead and ready to strike Sonic."
"Thanks, Tails, go and do it!"
"Roger, pal!"
 Eggman then looked up to see the Tornado biplane heading straight for him with various weapons ready to fire.  "Not this time you don't!" He then fired a missile which hit the plane and destroyed the engine.
Sonic frantically called to his friend to: "Eject Tails! EJECT!"
Before Tails could even pull the lever, the Tornado crashed.
Eggman then left the scene. "So long Sonic! I'll be back to finish the job later!"
Wasting no time, Sonic rushed to Tails' aid forgetting all about Eggman.  Finding Tails not moving among the wreckage, Sonic called out, "Tails! Tails
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 1 3
FC fact files: Moe the Bombay Cat
Full Name: Moe "Maurice" Torchy.
Age: 54 years (at the time of death)
Approximate height: 178.9 CM (at the time of death)
Date of birth: July 11th 1952.
Date of Death: June 22nd, 2006
Birthplace: Auckland, New Zealand.
Nationality: New Zealander.
Residence: Unspecified house, Auckland, New Zealand.
Physical description: Blue eyes, Jet black colored fur with a white tip on his tail. Neatly combed grey hair with a long mullet down the back of his head.
Species: Bombay cat.
Preferred attire: Red & blue striped long sleeved shirt with grey pants, white socks and black standard work shoes. Also wears blue round rimed and framed glasses.
Occupations: Former solider with the ANZACs during the Vietnam war, was also a former stock car driver for V8 supercars in Australia.
Hobbies: Spending time with his wife and kids, Card games, Cracking jokes with Douglas and Reginald.
Parents: Malcom and Diana Newman.
Friends: Douglas Prower, Matilda Prower, R
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 2 1
Discord server fuckery #1 by Mobian-Storyteller Discord server fuckery #1 :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 2 10
FC Fact files: Kerri the Red Fox
Full Name: Kerri Hazen
Approximate age: 27 years. (Future timeline)
Approximate height: 189.9CM (at the time of writing)
Date of birth: August 22th 2000.
Birthplace: Los Angeles, United States.
Nationality: American.
Current residence: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Physical description: Orange/red/brown fur with grey muzzle, chest fur and tail tip, also has blue eyes and neatly combed sweeping bangs with long hair at the back.
Species: Red fox.
Preferred attire: Standard flight crew uniform with skirt and Mobian Airlines logo on right breast pocket.
Occupations: First Officer with Mobian Airlines.
Hobbies: Flirting with Jared(Although he doesn't like it)  Antagonising other peers, maintaining her appearance, going out late.
Parents: Unknown.
Sexual orientation: Strictly Heterosexual (straight)
Personality: Flirty, self centred, envious and extremely motivated.
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 3 1
FC fact files: Krakatoa the Magpie.
Full Name: Khairunisa Halim Syawal.
Nicknames: Krakatoa, Miss "Kraks the shits all the time" Bird bitch.
Approximate age: 17 years (at the time of writing)
Approximate height: 180.0CM(at the time of writing)
Date of birth: August 17th 2000.
Birthplace: Medan, Indonesia.
Nationality: Indonesian-Australian.
Current residence: Unknown
Physical description: Glossy black body and feathers with white patches around her body, Bluish white black bordered beak with long black legs and talons and Dull red eyes, Hair is medium length with back put into a pony tail and the front are three large swooping bangs.
Species: Australian Magpie.
Preferred attire: Black leather jacket, Dark Maroon/blue horizontal stripped shirt, Shocking Red coloured jean type pants with a black belt qnd a bird wings shaped belt buckle, Black standard school shoes.
Occupations: High school Captain student and second in command to Tinsel in the "Bitch Brigade"
Hobbies: Social m
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 1 1
Bros by Mobian-Storyteller Bros :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 12 1
FC fact files: Snowball the cat
Full Name: Snowball "Lachy" de Crespigny.
Approximate age: 11 years and 6 months (at the time of writing)
Approximate height: 115.0cm. (at the time of writing)
Date of birth: January 2nd 2026.
Birthplace: Central Mobian commonwealth island.
Nationality: New Zealander (Father's side) Mobian (Mother's side)
Current residence: Two story Apartment 12 kilometers west of Mobius CBD.
Physical description: Snow white body fur with pink ear skin and Cyan spotted tail tip, Right eye is green while left eye is yellow
Species: Cat.
Preferred attire: Grey long sleeved turtle neck shirt, black pants, Red and grey stripped shoes with blue socks. Also wears circle lensed glasses with red rims.
Occupations: Student at Station Square elementary school.
Hobbies: Video games, Train spotting, Reading, Helping his mother cook, Hanging out with friends.
Parents: Lachlan & Blaze the Cat.
Siblings: Kit Kat.
Best friends: Enzo Prower, Sam Prower, Stefan Prower,
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 3 3
FC fact files: Oreo the Hybrid
Full Name: Oreo Hamilton.
Approximate age: 5 years and 6 months (Current timeline)
Approximate height: 114.0cm.(at the time of writing)
Date of birth: February 5th 2012.
Birthplace: Central Mobian commonwealth island.
Nationality: Scottish-Australian (Father's side) British (Mother's side)
Current residence: Coastal apartment near the north western Mobius beach on the Mobian main island.
Physical description: Liver brown fur with white spots all over his body, Orange eyes, Fox ears and tail with spotted tips, Dog snout, nose and paws. Hair consists of 6 small bangs on the top of his head.
Species: Caledonian Fox/Dalmatian hybrid.
Preferred attire: Yellow shirt with random colored spots, Blue pants, Yellow socks and white shoes.
Occupations: 2nd grade student at Station Square elementary school.
Hobbies: Video games, Drawing, Playing tricks on his parents, causing mischief.
Parents: Duncan and Shannon.
Cousins: Enzo, Stefan, Sam, Waratah.
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 1 1
FC fact files: Shannon the Dalmatian
Full Name: Shannon Candace Hamilton.
Approximate age: 29 years.
Approximate height: 182 CM(at the time of writing)
Date of birth: July 15 1988.
Birthplace: Birmingham, England.
Nationality: British.
Current residence: Coastal apartment near the north western Mobius beach on the Mobian main island.
Physical description: White fur with black spots all over her body and Purple eyes. Hair consists of 5 rounded bangs on the top front of her head and long flowing hair at the back of her head which stops below her shoulders.
Species: Dalmatian
Preferred attire: Cherry red sweater with black skinny jeans, Blue socks and Apple red shoes. Also wears round rimed glasses.
Occupations: Stay at home mother.
Hobbies: Caring for her son and husband, Teasing Duncan, hanging out on weekends.
Children: Oreo the Hybrid.
Friends: Tod Prower.
Relationships: Married to Duncan Prower since 2011.
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual(straight)
Personality: Caring, suppo
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 1 1
FC fact files: Susan the Panther
Full Name: Susan "Suzy" de Crespigny.
Approximate age: 42 and 2 months(at the time of writing)
Approximate height: 172.8 CM(at the time of writing)
Date of birth: May 25th 1975.
Birthplace: Johannesburg, South Africa.
Nationality: South African.
Current residence: 87th street, House number 79, Central Mobius.
Physical description: Light blue colored fur similar to her son Lachlan, Green eyes, white tipped tail, Hair is white/silver and consists of 3 large rounded bangs with long hair going back down to behind her shoulders.
Species: Panther.
Preferred attire: Long sleeved Orange and Red spotted shirt, Grey jeans with a silver buckled leather belt, Blue shoes with white socks. Also wears a diamond ear ring on left ear.
Occupations: Owner and baker at local bakery named "SuzNMoeznuts"
Hobbies: Reading, spending time with her husband and kids.
Parents: Dawie and Marion Uys.
Children: Cecil, Lachlan. Sapphire.
Friends: Matilda Prower, Douglas Pr
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 2 1
FC fact files: Christine Prower
Full Name: Christine Margret Prower.
Approximate age: 260 years.
Approximate height: 180.8 CM(at the time of writing)
Date of birth: July 23rd 1757.
Birthplace: Liverpool, England.
Nationality: British-Australian.
Current residence: She stays with her husband Reginald at his shack north of the Prower family home.
Physical description: Orange-Gold body, tail and abdomen fur, One grey tipped tail and Silver eyes, Hair consists of 4 large rounded bangs with long hair that droops down her back and then curls upwards like a bushy tail.
Species: Fox.
Preferred attire: Maple red/purple long sleeved shirt, Blue pants and black sandles. Also wears a sapphire necklace.
Occupations: Hospital nurse.
Hobbies: Visiting family, helping others, knitting.
Parents: Unknown, She was orphaned at age 14.
Children: Matilda Prower, Rosemary Prower.
Grandchildren: Jared, Anna, Duncan, Daniel, Tod, Niki, Azul, Babs, Tinsel.
Other family: Tails Prower, Douglas Prow
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 1 1
FC fact files: Vance the White Tiger
Full Name: Vance Evald.
Approximate age: 22 years and 2 months (at the time of writing)
Approximate height: 176.7 CM
Date of birth: May 11th 1995.
Birthplace: Oslo, Norway.
Nationality: Norwegian.
Current residence: 37 Condor Street, Mobian CBD.
Physical description: White fur with black and grey markings and blue eyes, Hair consists of a mane like mullet which is silver colored.
Species: White tiger.
Preferred attire: White shirt with red bow tie, Black news jacket with black pants and shoes.
Occupations: Lead camera man at MNN (Mobian News Network)
Hobbies: Gaming, snowball fights, sledding, car racing.
Parents: Unknown.
Friends: Oliver the Tabby cat, Jared Prower.
Relationships: Currently single.
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual (Straight)
Personality: Trustful, friendly, and funny.
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 1 1


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Why hello there! The name's Jaxon.

I first joined this site because of the Thomas the Tank Engine fanbase but now that I've left that horrible fandom I'm a writer in the Sonic Fanbase with many beloved FCs of my own.

I'm friendly to those who treat me with respect, Though i like meeting new people :)

If you want to add me on skype my name is jaredthecontroversialfox ^^

I was born with high functioning autism and (possibly) ADHD so be aware.

:iconx-nightwatcher-x::iconmobian-storyteller: Together since December 27th 2013 :heart:

My various friends, allies and other people i've gotten to know over the years.
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Skype: jaredthecontroversialfox
Discord: ToppestOfHats #0924
Discord server: Ask me for the link

Some stamps
OC - Soul Stamp by Alphares Internet Friends by Vexcel Brawl: Waluigi Fan Stamp by WolfTwilight Tails Fan Stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx Classic Tails Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Top Gear Fans by Tawreh Nintendo Fan Stamp I by darkdisciple-stamps Retro Gamer Stamp by Sora05 M.U.G.E.N. stamp by GaussianCat Australia Stamp by phantom Mario commissioned by prosaix Sonic and Mario Stamp by sonicinterface Moar krabs stamp by kritken Autism Stamp by callykarishokka ::Respect:: by mimblewimble Love Bug Stamp by DrZime Tails Boom Style Stamp by toni987 Anti-Stamp by KaizokuShojo Disliking Yaoi... by WolfieKid Popularity by TheArtOfNotLikingYou Yaoi Ruins Fandoms by TheSnowDrifter Anti-Yaoi Fandom Stamp by dazedgumball Anti Yaoi Stamp by lady-warrior
Sane Sonic fans by FluffyFerret97
Credit goes to their makers.
  • Eating: Apples
Just listing them here so I won't forget, If i miss anything let me know.

Own work

Grand Tour chapter 2.
Synopsis: Following a hectic night, Anna & Jake settle down in france though little do they know they're being followed and Pascal has some secrets...
Progress: Started, first sub chapter underway.

The Missing Link.
Synopsis: After a week visiting his father's homeland, Lachlan falls into a depression, recounting that he and his dad had never had many happy moments together, though He'll soon be proven wrong but in a pleasent way...
Progress: Started, still fleshing out storyline.

Hooked: Final chapter.
Synopsis: Having encountered the murderous tow truck more than once now, Duncan and his friends come up with a plan to end the nightmare once and for all.
Progress: Not started yet.

Pandemonium part 5.

Synopsis: Now aware that Anna has been captured, Lachlan sets out to free her.
Progress: Not started, remaining parts will be done in new writing style.

Dark Cloud: Part 2 
Not started yet, No idea what to do for it yet.

Greif and Guilt final part.
Synopsis: Now living with his grandparents, Rudolf finally begins to settle down over the loss of his parents, though that soon changes...
Progress: Started, almost done.

War Hero: Chapter 2.
Progress: Not started, still planning.

Burnout final part.
Progress: Not started, still planning.

Rewrites of previous stories.

Miracle landing to the MAX.
Synopsis: A routine flight turns into a fight for life 39.000 feet in the sky, Jared and Lachlan face both life and death risks and other threats from the investigation into what happened and from a jealous rival...
Progress: Started, Halfway done.

Owed work.
Sonic's date: Request for Domestic-hedgehog 
Progress: Not started, still planning it out, sorry for taking so long ^^;

Other works.
Character bios: 48 done out of 80.

Stuff I would like to do.
Story detailing where Jared and his crew participate in the 2016 Rio Olympics.
Story about teen Niki and Domino(fang980's character) on their first night out alone.
More stories about Jared and his Children.
Story starring Mona and her stripper co workers with appearances by X-Nightwatcher-X 's character Zero.
Story starring Tinsel and her group "The Bitch Brigade"

And that's pretty much it for now :P


Happy birthday to YellowSky97 and of course Miles Tails Prower!
So what is this Cup Head game i keep seeing around?
With only one subscriber left until I reach 1000 I've decided I'll just do a bunch of MUGEN Arcade runs that I've been planning :P
After seeing something in my notifications recently Imma say this: Yes Hedgehog/Fox/Echinda/ FCs bat can be unoriginal sometimes but that's frankly NO EXCUSE for it to be a call for people to impress you or some shit.

Granted its an opinion but there is no call to be pushy is there?

I admit/accept some of my characters are questionable but I hardly give a damn because they are my passion and almost children to me.


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